Adaptive Cultures
Cultivating design thinking for global impact.

Our service is
Strategy by design;
Innovation by design;
Communication by design;
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Why Adaptive Cultures?

We are a collaborative consultancy operating at the intersection of design, business & culture. Representing both the end-user & the client we translate between them using methods that promote user understanding, aesthetics, functionality and connectivity. We are living in an interconnected world where we are facing complex challenges across every aspect of life. By embedding our design process in everything we do, we can help address these challenges and establish innovative systems that contribute functionally, economically and culturally to society.


The Irish characteristics are often associated with our cultural heritage,
global aid networks and networking abilities. From these characteristics our inherent creative strengths can be revealed; storytelling, empathy, conversation, and resourcefulness.

Dutch Design has its roots from the 17th century attitude of exploring the world and from the consequences of an affluent society where civilians commissioned art – rather than art being commissioned by nobility or kings. This was strengthened further from the early 20th century when the Dutch government became one of the strongest commissioners of design in the country. This history blossomed into what can be called an ‘ecology of design’.

A verb not a noun. A process.
The creation of alternative solutions.

Design Thinking
An open-minded, pragmatic and innovative process of learning by doing, forging connections, identifying new opportunities, developing radical collaborations and imagining future possibilities. Our design process is a tool for business success, a means to improve quality of life, help shape our future and foster an ecology of design.


Founding Partners:

Paul Hughes

Paul received his design education in Dublin and has since developed his profession in Holland since the mid-nineties. Dutch Design is a global success and Paul has extracted what he considers to be the key patterns to that success in what he calls a ‘Design Ecology’ – a interconnected collection of diverse individuals collaboratively working together. He speaks about these patterns through his unique storytelling process called ‘Ten Meters of Thinking’ – he draws on ten meters of paper as he delivers his message.

Bob Gray

Bob is a founding Director of Red&Grey Design, a visual communications studio who use design to address the needs of public and private organizations. With a background of design and education both in Ireland and Holland, Bob understands the value of a design ecology and the importance in creating innovative programs that contribute functionally, economically and culturally to society.

Sjoerd Luteyn

Sjoerd has been an entrepreneur for more than 15 years and he is co-founder of Refresh Interactions. He accompanies organizations to transform into communities. This is done by a process of building strong relations inside and outside the organizations; relations based on trust and common purpose. Sjoerd is always looking for deeper layers and essence; stories that define the true reasons of why people are engaged with one another. As being educated in communication & marketing, art-direction & design and classical music, Sjoerd has developed a unique perspective on how things are related. From this perspectives he helps client to develop creative strategies in a collaborative process.


Adaptive Cultures
Cultivating design thinking for global impact.

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